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May 16, 2019 3 min read

Niche Scraper is every eCommerce business owners and dropshippers best friend.

Watch this short video below for a quick glance:

Niche Scraper is a web tool that helps you hunt for hot products. Niche Scraper offers store analysis, video marketing tools, and suggestions for the hottest products. There are two options to finding the right product to invest in.

Product Scraper:

This is an option in the main menu that helps you find the hottest products on the market. This tool analyses hundreds of thousands of products in different markets and feeds you with the information on competition, sales growth, and performance on AliExpress or Shopify. What’s more amazing about this tool is that it shows you the item’s performance within the last seven days. Product analysis bases on competition score (the lower the figure, the better), AliScore, and market location.

Hand Picked Tool:

This side of the menu highlights the product selection made by Niche Scraper. The Hand Picked Products are items selected as winners. Niche Scraper gives you the tools that you need to launch each Hand Picked product. You get information on the profit margins of each product. On top of this information, you get links to the product’s AliExpress supplier, competitor merchants, Facebook Ads, and Video URL.

Store Analysis Tool:

A bit of standard advice that you get when starting an online store is to imitate those who are successful in the niche. The store analysis tool provides you with links to the most successful Shopify stores in any niche of your choosing.

Video Ad Maker Tool:

This tool helps you create customized video ads for your products. All you need is some images of the product. This video tool creates a slide show format video of your product over a background of royalty-free music.

*Affiliate Program:

Niche Scraper offers you 40% of the plan subscribed by the clients you bring.

User Interface

The design of this website is simple and elegant. Displayed clearly on the left side of every page; are the primary tools; Product Discovery tools, Market Research tools, Video Marketing tools, and resources. You also get links to video tutorials, account settings, contacts, and the affiliate program on the top right space of the home page.

Is Niche Scraper easy to use? First time logging in, you may need some video tutorials to help you appreciate the features of the website. The best part is that there are a ton of video tutorials within the site.
You can watch the videos without leaving the browser’s tab.
Niche Scraper introduces new analysis parameters like AliScore and competition score. It is easy to find the definition of each term; all you need to do is place your mouse over the word, and the description pops up. Product analysis employs the use of graphs that are easy to read and understand.


There are three plans in Niche Scraper’s pricing policy;

  1. Free Plan:
    There is limited access to all products and tools. You get a 3-day delay on new hand-picked products. There is limited access to the Facebook video Ad Generator.
  2. Pro-membership:
    At $39 a month, you get complete access to all the tools and features. You can also choose to cancel your subscription at any time.
  3. Annual Pro Membership:
    You get full access to all functions at 60% off the price you would have paid for monthly subscriptions

Final Verdict

The e-commerce industry is very competitive, and merchants welcome any tool that can help them gain an advantage over the competition. Niche Scraper provides you with the statistics that you need to make informed decisions. What I liked most about this tool is that it provides you with everything you need to launch a new product in your store. The Facebook Video Ad generator will save you a lot of money and time in video production. At $39 a month, I would say that Niche Scraper is worth the money.

NicheScraper FAQs

🤔What is Niche Scraper?

Basically, Niche Scraper is a dropshipping tool that helps in finding winning products from Shopify stores all over the world.

✅ What about Niche Scraper Discount Code?

Yes! Now you can use a special discount link in order to get 40% Off On Niche Scrapper right away. Hurry! You can get the Niche Scraper Pro Plan for $29 now.

📌Which is better Niche Scraper vs Ecomhunt?

No doubt, these tools are one of the best dropshipping tools that can help you in finding winning products to sell on Shopify. When it comes to choosing in Niche Scraper vs Ecomhunt, I would love to go with Niche Scraper as it offers more value than Ecomhunt and Niche Scraper also offer a free plan to get started right away.

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