Why You AREN’T MAKING SALES in Your Dropshipping Store or Facebook Ads (& How to Fix It)

September 10, 2019 3 min read

In this article, you’ll discover 15 things that you can do to your store & ads to increase your conversions and turn your traffic into sales.

Question 1: Add Unique Products that Can’t Be Found in a Mall

A lot of people try and dropship generic items like clothing. Don’t do this. Focus on adding items to your store that are unique and will appeal to a particular niche/hobby/passion. Not only does this encourage people to buy because they’ll have a strong reaction to seeing it, but it increases the perceived value of the item.

Question 2: Do You Have Good Product Ad Images?

Images are the most important part of the Facebook ad. Do you have sharp, clear images that clearly show what is unique/special about the product that you are selling? If you don’t, source some photos - and for some products, a video may be necessary.

Question 3: Do You Have Good Product Listing Images?

Images are also the most important part of the product listing. Try and find images that are in high-quality (big enough for the customer to be able to zoom in on them) and that show the product in a real-life context (e.g. have a mug sitting on a table), not just photos of it on a white background. You can also use pictures to overcome potential objections.

Question 4: Do You Have a Custom Color Scheme?

This helps build a brand. It doesn’t need to be complex: picking 2 colours to build your store around is enough.

Question 5: Does Your Store Have a Custom Logo?

A custom logo is essential for building a brand into your store (which creates trust). You can buy a simple logo from Fiverr for just $5 (plus a 50 cent transaction fee).

Question 6: Does Your Product Appeal to a Certain Niche?

Make sure that for each item you are advertising on Facebook, that they each appeal to a certain hobby/passion/niche. This will encourage people to impulse buy out of emotion at wanting the item.

Question 7: Did You Add Scarcity to Your Product Ads?

Make sure that you add some form of limited discount to the products that you advertise with Facebook ads. It could be 50% off for a limited time, or offering the product as “free” (just-pay-shipping) to a limited number of people.

Question 8: Did You Add Scarcity to EVERY Product You Are Selling

Don’t add scarcity to each product as it will make the special offer you’re advertising less exciting. Very important - do not add scarcity timers to every product page.

Question 9: Did You Add 20 Products to Your Store?

Adding in at least 20 products is important for making your store look professional and to build trust. A lot of people get lazy and add only a few - so don’t make this mistake.

Question 10: Have You Added Product Descriptions?

Create a custom video description for each product. A nice product description length to aim for is 2 short paragraphs that are just 2-3 sentences long each.

Question 11: Have You Tested 20 Products?

Most people give up on dropshipping after testing 5 or less products. Be patient and be willing to test at least 20 products to find a winning item.

Question 12: Did You Run a Like Campaign to Your Facebook Fanpage

Run a small $6-10 like campaign to your fanpage to give it some likes. This will help build trust with potential customers through social proof.

Question 13: Do You Have Trust Words & Emblems in Your Store?

Some easy trust words/emblems to add are credit card companies & shipping companies.

Question 14: Are Your Products Priced at $15 or Less?

This is the sweet-spot pricing for impulse purchases. Sell low-cost items that you can price for no more than $15.

Question 15: Have You Done a Test Purchase?

And of course, if you aren’t getting any sales - do a test purchase in your store. You might find that the reason nobody is buying anything inside your Shopify store is because no one can!

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