Remove Cart Page and Go Straight To Checkout Guide

November 27, 2021 1 min read

If for whatever reasons you'd like to skip the cart page and lead the customers right to check out. You may have seen Amazon's 1-Click Checkout and want to mimic that method, here's an easy guide. 

Step 1. You need to find the ATC button on your product-template.liquid and paste the code under <span data-add-to-cart-text>, it should look like this ⬇


<input type="hidden" name="return_to" value="/checkout/" /> 

 Step 2. Go to your theme editor, then go to “Theme settings” then “Add to cart notifications” and make sure you uncheck the box of “Show notification when item is added to cart”, it should look like this ⬇


That’s it you are all set up! 

I hope this code was helpful! If you are looking for more coaching & training from me, feel free to reach out :)

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